Definition of missioner in English:



  • 1A person in charge of a religious or charitable mission.

    ‘The missioner for multicultural ministries in the Episcopal Diocese of Los Angeles, put it another way: ‘In a lot of mainline churches the issues are race and class.’’
    • ‘The Bradford Diocesan missioner responsible for outreach said he was impressed.’
  • 2A missionary.

    ‘That's one reason why the Episcopal Church established a full-time missioner to CEOs and business ‘strivers’ here two years ago.’
    • ‘I remember the mixture of fascination and terror I felt as a child listening to the missioners in my local church describing the afterlife for those who died in the state of sin.’
    • ‘It was also a fitting tribute to the French missioners of the nineteenth century who had built the church- their presence came alive for Kiely and his wife not in the stones with which they built, but in a simple Christmas hymn.’
    • ‘Business strivers suffer because ‘banks are now freaking out over the crunch and lines of credit are being withdrawn,’ said the Episcopal missioner to the valley's business community.’
    • ‘A limited study of nine contemporary Maryknoll missioners, lay and religious, on four continents, Lives conveys the immediacy of God's presence as manifest in the missioners' everyday lives.’
    • ‘Often the missioners themselves are the converted ones.’
    • ‘His detailed account of Guatemalan and U.S. political intrigue also provides excellent context and important analysis for the heart-wrenching human tragedy that unfolds around the Maryknoll missioner.’
    • ‘They were able to persuade missioners to create settled missions, where there was a sufficiently stable population.’
    • ‘He is at pains to stress that the roles he and wife fulfil are as city missioners, God's workers, not charity employees.’
    • ‘The missioners also called to the elderly at Ocean View nursing home.’
    • ‘He hopes to invite other lay missioners to educate these young people.’
    • ‘A missioner tries to give hope to the homeless and poor, seeking change in the world system in order to promote justice and peace in a world of pain.’
    • ‘The former Maryknoll missioner to Central America, is still recruiting volunteers and challenging them ‘to do hard things.’’
    • ‘It concentrated on the work of an Illinois-born Maryknoll lay missioner who has spent the past nine years working in remote outposts in southern Sudan.’
    • ‘Through this decade it lobbied for the appointment of an itinerant woman missioner who could travel around the ‘back-blocks’ areas of New Zealand spreading the gospel and providing contact for isolated women.’



/ˈmiSHənər/ /ˈmɪʃənər/