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‘His novels frequently star fanciable middle-aged men easily mistakable for the author's alter-egos, legends in their own fleeces, their lives curious crossbreeds of the dashing and the banal.’
  • ‘With the Nikon, she's poetic, warm, sad, excellent, but mistakable for someone else.’
  • ‘It's a five-door hatchback, potentially mistakeable for as many as 730 other currently available five-door hatchbacks.’
  • ‘He is just now waking up in Manitoba in the house mistakable in every detail for the sturdy home from which he is now - and ever shall be - missing.’
  • ‘It would have been mistakable for a mortal village if it wasn't for all the cloaks and hats that hid the cobbled street from view.’
  • ‘All the time she muttered that someone had to get a copy that wasn't mistakable for a dictionary.’
  • ‘It's all almost totally mistakable as just another Nordic garage rock band.’



/məˈstākəb(ə)l/ /məˈsteɪkəb(ə)l/