Definition of misteach in English:



[with object]
  • Teach (someone) wrongly or incorrectly.

    ‘they have been misled and mistaught about this matter for so long that they really do not know what to believe’
    • ‘Often times the church, unfortunately, has mistaught that depression and other mental disorders are always due to sin or character problems.’
    • ‘And since this is the reality in Jamaica, the school should also be the place to unlearn what has been mistaught.’
    • ‘The laity they mistaught for all those long years know only what they were mistaught.’
    • ‘It is also helpful if you, as a teacher, ask questions if you see a sign of something not having been taught or being mistaught.’
    • ‘Students end up with so many holes and misperceptions because of how they learned, how they picked up things from previous teachers, or how a teacher may have skimmed or mistaught.’