Definition of mistimed in English:


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  • Done at an inappropriate moment; badly timed.

    ‘has she ever apologized for her mistimed rant against him?’
    • ‘Kerry called the idea mistimed and nonsensical.’
    • ‘I would rather have a fork scraped repeatedly across my teeth than listen to one of his speeches waiting for a gaffe or one of his patented mistimed pauses.’
    • ‘However, without such documentation, the defects of excessive / mistimed testing and wrong patient and specimen identification cannot be adequately addressed.’
    • ‘Such is the brute strength that Lance possesses and such is the weight of the big bat in his hands, that, on most occasions, slightly mis-hit and mistimed shots also carry the full distance.’
    • ‘And yet the result combined with a recent but ultimately mistimed run of good form would, in any other season, promise much.’



/ˌmisˈtīmd/ /ˌmɪsˈtaɪmd/ /misˈtīmd/ /mɪsˈtaɪmd/