Definition of mistrustfulness in English:



See mistrustful

‘Impatience, mistrustfulness, and competitiveness with other writers can be very damaging to a career.’
  • ‘These Americans share some of the mistrustfulness but little of the anger of alienated voters.’
  • ‘The file was incomplete, I had not kept up on the charting, and due to the extreme mistrustfulness of the client, I didn't keep extensive notes.’
  • ‘He's achieved international fame, yet his bitter mistrustfulness has alienated friends, lovers, managers, promoters and bandmates.’
  • ‘It's an effect of big, anonymous city life - what happens when a city is three times larger than New York - or a legacy of the mistrustfulness of the Cultural Revolution years.’



/ˌmisˈtrəs(t)fəlnəs/ /ˌmɪsˈtrəs(t)fəlnəs/