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transitive verb

[with object]
  • 1Make a mistake in typing (a word or letter)

    ‘I might have mistyped my password’
    • ‘For instance, I habitually mistype the word ‘inspired’ as ‘insipid’ - which has, of course, a completely different meaning.’
    • ‘Not only have they got the English a bit wrong, though no wronger than corporations often do; the address to which you are invited to click has been mistyped.’
    • ‘I mistyped something about fourteen hours ago.’
    • ‘I mistype my own last name about 20% of the time, for some crazy reason.’
    • ‘Configuration files are critical to a game program's well-being, and it's fairly easy to mistype something that causes the entire game to crash or act strangely.’
    • ‘People who have mistyped social security numbers will have to go through a lengthy process to right the error.’
    • ‘If a user leaves out a field, or mistypes their area code, don't treat it as a catastrophe: Subtle errors deserve subtle messages.’
    • ‘This way, anyone who linked to your missing page in the past (or just mistyped the URL) is sending visitors to your site map.’
    • ‘If I mistyped a domain name, I would get a site that did so many pop-ups and re-spawns that I had to reboot the computer.’
    • ‘For example, if I search for " measu ’, I have fewer characters to type, which means fewer ways I can mistype my search pattern.’
    • ‘‘Twenty million times a day on our network, people mistype domains and don't get what they're looking for,’ he said.’
    • ‘While working in the foreign currency department of a major bank as a data entry clerk, D mistyped a sort code and sent the money to parts unknown.’
    • ‘I like Boris because I quite often mistype his name as Biros.’
    • ‘Such executives could also unwittingly invoke illicit URLs by mistyping the web address of popular software firms, banks or even children's television programmes.’
    • ‘Unfortunately you mistyped your email address so I couldn't get back to you.’
    • ‘When I mistyped his name by forgetting a letter he sent me a story - so I'd remember that 'n'.’
    • ‘Since two passwords are involved, the chances of one of the passwords being mistyped doubles.’
    • ‘I do not want to be asked if I want to buy a domain name that I obviously mistyped.’
    • ‘And, yes, I did not mistype, his name actually was Wall.’
    • ‘Names, addresses or dates of birth get mistyped.’
  • 2Assign (someone or something) to an incorrect category.

    ‘I mistyped you—I didn't think you looked the hunting type’
    • ‘Within each patriline, the two maternal alleles should be distributed equally among workers in the absence of segregation distortion or mistyping errors.’
    • ‘Ten percent of the loci simulated in these populations were mistyped in the above manner and this increased the downward bias in heritability estimates.’
    • ‘If the genotype of a certain marker is mistyped frequently, the segregation ratio of this marker may be different from its neighboring markers.’
    • ‘Single-locus mismatches were interpreted as mutations or mistyping, and such nestlings were conservatively classified as withinpair young.’
    • ‘The proportions of loci typed and the loci mistyped are average values for both sexes across the 10 loci typed.’



/misˈtīp/ /mɪsˈtaɪp/