Definition of miter box in English:

miter box

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  • A guide to enable a saw to cut miter joints at the desired angle.

    ‘These pieces should first be cut to a 45-degree angle with your miter box and back saw.’
    • ‘Miters can be cut quickly and accurately by using a power miter saw, a table saw or a good miter box.’
    • ‘This saw is used in conjunction with a miter box to cut a perfectly straight line across a piece of wood.’
    • ‘To ensure both the ladder and gauge are vertical lay the tank down in your largest miter box and use its edge as a guide.’
    • ‘Although half of the 1910 catalog was used for planes, other tools were also featured: screwdrivers, miter boxes, level, braces, squares and bevels, boxwood folding rules, and ZigZag rules.’


miter box

/ˈmīdər bäks/ /ˈmaɪdər bɑks/