Definition of Mithraism in English:


Pronunciation /ˈmiTHrāˌizəm/ /ˈmɪθreɪˌɪzəm/ /məˈTHrāizəm/ /məˈθreɪɪzəm/


  • The cult of the god Mithras, which became popular among Roman soldiers of the later empire, and was the main rival to Christianity in the first three centuries AD.

    ‘He intentionally fudge the edges of Christianity, Mithraism, and the cult of Sol Invictus.’
    • ‘Another competing though short-lived religion was that of Mithraism, with its many parallels to Christianity.’
    • ‘There were four main spheres of religious belief in Roman Britain: the official Roman state religion; the Celtic cults; oriental beliefs, of which the most popular was Mithraism; and Christianity.’
    • ‘As it is, Christianity has drawn liberally on Mithraism which it has replaced.’
    • ‘Who now remembers Mithraism, or the curious faith of the Gnostics?’