Definition of Mithraist in English:


Pronunciation /miˈTHrā-ist/


See Mithraism

‘In this regard it is intriguing to find Justin accusing the Mithraists of imitating Christian ritual in their use of bread and water.’
  • ‘The Mithraists evidently believed that they were reborn through the consumption of bread and wine.’
  • ‘The Mithraists observed weekly sabbath days and celebrated the Eucharist by eating wafers marked with a cross.’
  • ‘Renan says with considerable justification that if Christianity had failed, the whole of Europe could have become Mithraist, as this was the most popular of the so called Pagan religions in the Roman empire.’
  • ‘The amusing thing is that in ancient Rome, the Mithraists would have said the same thing about Christianity.’