Definition of mithridate in English:



  • A medicine believed to be a universal antidote to or preservative against poison and disease.

    ‘to procure sweat, use cardamom water with mithridate’
    • ‘The horn was mixed with expensive mithridate, a compound used as an antidote to poison.’
    • ‘Let the best of our rational physicians give a sufficient reason for those intricate mixtures, why just so many simples in mithridate or treacle; may they not be reduced to half or a quarter?’
    • ‘Then boil them a little and put thereto half an ounce of andromachus-treakle, and three drams of mithridate, and a quarter of a pint of the best angelica water.’
    • ‘He began to practise physic four years after coming from Canterbury to London, out of necessity, especially by making pills and electuaries, particularly mithridate and London treacle.’
    • ‘Four ounces of the clarified juice of Scabious taken in the morning fasting, with a dram of Mithridate or Benice treacle, frees the heart from any infection of pestilence.’
    antitoxin, antiserum


Early 16th century from medieval Latin mithridatum, alteration of late Latin mithridatium, from Mithridatius ‘relating to Mithridates’ (see mithridatize).