Definition of mitigating in English:


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  • 1Having the effect of making something bad less severe, serious, or painful.

    ‘it should have a mitigating effect on the frequency of minor flooding events’
    • ‘This problem could be overcome if mitigating measures were adopted.’
    • ‘The business owner is able to investigate, identify the cause of the problem, and take mitigating action.’
    • ‘We're taking mitigating action to counter a challenging demographic situation.’
    • ‘Current spending on environmental conservation only has a weak mitigating effect.’
    • ‘Having a supportive adult outside of the family can have a mitigating effect.’
    • ‘When we have a high risk of avalanches we will have to take mitigating steps.’
    • ‘Education can have a mitigating impact on the violence that affects neighborhoods.’
    • ‘The mitigating strategies in place were insufficient.’
    • ‘The office had received several calls from distressed farmers about possible mitigating measures.’
    • ‘The number of people dying from heatwaves is likely to rise sharply if policymakers fail to take mitigating steps in climate and health policies.’
    alleviate, reduce, diminish, lessen, weaken, lighten, attenuate, take the edge off, allay, ease, assuage, palliate, cushion, damp, deaden, dull, appease, soothe, relieve, help, soften, temper, still, quell, tone down, blunt, dilute, moderate, modify, abate, lull, pacify, placate, mollify, sweeten, tranquillize, remit, extenuate, excuse, commute
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    1. 1.1Lessening the gravity of an offense or mistake.
      ‘he would have faced a prison sentence but for mitigating circumstances’
      • ‘Thanks to his age and other mitigating circumstances, he was only given a two year jail sentence.’
      • ‘The jury must weigh aggravating and mitigating factors in deciding punishment.’
      • ‘Punishments will be reduced or toughened based on whether there are mitigating or aggravating circumstances.’
      • ‘I cannot imagine what possible mitigating evidence this grand jury could have seen that would allow such a decision.’
      • ‘The defence will present mitigating evidence designed to soften the blow of the final sentence.’
      • ‘The lawyers said they need more time to evaluate to explore mitigating factors that could lessen his sentence if convicted.’
      • ‘The way you committed this offence does have extraordinary mitigating circumstances attached to it.’
      • ‘His lawyers are likely to stress mitigating factors such as his advanced age and health.’
      • ‘Under mitigating circumstances, his lawyer tried to claim her client had a 'difficult' upbringing.’
      • ‘The defence lawyer cited several mitigating factors in his favour.’
      extenuating, exonerative, justificatory, justifying, vindicatory, vindicating, exculpatory, palliative, qualifying, moderating, modifying, tempering, lessening
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/ˈmidəˌɡādiNG/ /ˈmɪdəˌɡeɪdɪŋ/