Definition of mitigatory in English:


Pronunciation /ˈmidəɡəˌtôrē/ /ˈmɪdəɡəˌtɔri/


See mitigate

‘If His Honour is rejecting any mitigatory effect of the plea in isolation it would be difficult, in my respectful opinion, to fit it into one or more of those categories in the absence of contrition.’
  • ‘Although he is careful to add a mitigatory rider.’
  • ‘If one looks at the common law mitigatory factors such as youth, mental illness and things of that nature, they can significantly reduce a sentence.’
  • ‘However, norms governing the conduct of war, as distinct from those governing resort to armed force, are by their nature no more than mitigatory in effect.’
  • ‘In doing so, and without mitigatory measures, they encourage forest conversion.’