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  • Relating to or characteristic of a mitochondrion or mitochondria.

    ‘the outer mitochondrial membrane’
    • ‘mitochondrial DNA’
    • ‘Its beneficial effect was proven in several diseases, including mitochondrial cardiomyopathy.’
    • ‘Reactive oxygen species are generated during normal respiration of oxygen through the mitochondrial electron transport chain.’
    • ‘The antibacterial activity appears to be the result of mitochondrial respiratory chain inhibition.’
    • ‘He is mounting a four-pronged attack on the state's mitochondrial evidence.’
    • ‘In the corn blight case, susceptibility to blight is conditioned by the mitochondrial genome.’
    • ‘This step in arginine synthesis occurs in the mitochondrial matrix.’
    • ‘In these recombinants, there was no evidence for mixed mitochondrial genotypes.’
    • ‘We examined the codon preference in mitochondrial genes and identified amino acids for which at least two different codons were used at the same frequency.’
    • ‘To identify factors important for repeat-mediated deletion, we disrupted or mutated putative yeast mitochondrial recombination genes.’
    • ‘It is possible that most polymerase slippage events occur when the mitochondrial polymerase stalls at a misincorporated base.’



/ˌmīdəˈkändrēəl/ /ˌmaɪdəˈkɑndriəl/