Definition of mitogen in English:


Pronunciation /ˈmīdəjən/ /ˈmaɪdədʒən/


  • A substance that induces or stimulates mitosis.

    ‘Platelet-derived growth factor is a major polypeptide growth factor found in human serum, platelets and fibroblasts and is a potent mitogen for cells of mesenchymal origin.’
    • ‘The technique of three-color flow cytometry was used to generate precise estimates of cytokine responses to cells collected from the blood, cultured and stimulated with a mitogen.’
    • ‘Cells from each individual were tested at 3 different concentrations of the mitogens for optimum stimulation.’
    • ‘In vitro tests of immune function in avian wildlife include proliferation of lymphocytes in response to various mitogens and phagocytosis of fluorescent particles by monocytes.’
    • ‘Pokeweed mitogen stimulates both T and B cells.’


1920s (as mitogenic): from mitosis+ -gen.