Definition of mix one's drinks in English:

mix one's drinks


  • Drink different kinds of alcohol in close succession.

    ‘he'd been going from bar to bar, mixing his drinks’
    • ‘The way they were mixing their drinks basically defines British drinking culture where people drink to get drunk, not for the pleasure of drinking.’
    • ‘So I set about trawling the city's bars and clubs mixing my drinks and pouring the filth down my throat as fast as I could swallow.’
    • ‘The main problem with promotions is that people tend to mix their drinks and can finish up very drunk and that is when the problems start.’
    • ‘I'm rubbish at pacing my alcohol intake, and useless at not mixing my drinks.’
    • ‘I've even met his parents, who drop in on Sundays, and when I called their son a good barman, they joked that he's been mixing their drinks since he was five.’
    • ‘One of the particularly friendly mechanics from the garage asked me to dance with his wife because he'd been mixing his drinks and was not feeling very well.’
    • ‘Though I've learned my lesson: don't mix your drinks, kids.’
    • ‘He stopped mixing his drinks and tried to stick to scotch.’
    • ‘Not a lot else to add really, except that I think I mixed my drinks a little and had a killer hangover that lasted well into Sunday afternoon!’
    • ‘Of course this became a bit repetitive as I had chosen to mix my drinks that night, however I was impressed never the less.’