Definition of mixed blessing in English:

mixed blessing

Pronunciation /ˈˌmiks(t) ˈˌblesiNG/ /ˈˌmɪks(t) ˈˌblɛsɪŋ/


  • A situation or thing that has disadvantages as well as advantages.

    ‘having children so early in their marriage was a mixed blessing’
    • ‘Increasingly, gay marriage has received such mixed blessings from communities of color.’
    • ‘Marriage can be a mixed blessing, a fact that is perhaps reflected in the country's rising divorce rate.’
    • ‘Winter also had the mixed blessings of dark mornings and early sunsets.’
    • ‘The fame may have been a mixed blessing; such was the level of press intrusion into her life she had to make a public plea to be allowed to receive her cancer treatment in private.’
    • ‘I will be teaching four senior classes for the rest of the year - no juniors which is a mixed blessing, and will be spending the time all in my own room.’
    • ‘Broadband has been a mixed blessing for the reasons described above - but not enough to make me go back to the days of 56k.’
    • ‘The rest gets a bit monotonous, which makes the set's length (almost three hours) a mixed blessing.’
    • ‘These new technologies look like a mixed blessing.’
    • ‘We don't treat the heat, as Mediterranean peoples do, as an inevitable feature of the summer and a mixed blessing to be treated with circumspection.’
    • ‘I had known that it would happen, and I had known that there was nothing to stop it; my gift is a mixed blessing.’
    • ‘This brought to mind just how similar these two presidents are and how much of a mixed blessing their presence within the world community may be.’
    • ‘Overall it received a pretty mixed reception at its European launch, which is a mixed blessing: no harsh criticism but then no whoops of joy.’
    • ‘A reputation for sanity will always be a mixed blessing.’
    • ‘The vegetables were welcome; the meat was a bit of a mixed blessing.’
    • ‘That kind of success for a first novel, of course, can be a mixed blessing.’
    • ‘For those of us who live in the real world, an all-female household can be a very mixed blessing.’
    • ‘For inmates around the country, every opportunity to call friends and family is a mixed blessing.’
    • ‘A milkman, dogged all his life by poverty, he has five lovely daughters, which is something of a mixed blessing.’
    • ‘Furthermore, longer life span may be a mixed blessing if people spend most of their final decades struck down by debilitating diseases.’
    • ‘Living adjacent to a beautiful waterfront park is a mixed blessing.’