Definition of mixed company in English:

mixed company

Pronunciation /mikst ˈkəmp(ə)nē/ /mɪkst ˈkəmp(ə)ni/


  • A group of people consisting of members of both sexes.

    ‘such questions were not asked in mixed company’
    • ‘But on the subject of what constitutes fit topics for conversation in mixed company, traditionalist views dominate the male mindset at the Billabong.’
    • ‘It also heightens the risk that a long-forgotten favorite song will pop up, for better or for worse, in mixed company.’
    • ‘The fundamental women's right that was fought for then had been a part of women's lives for centuries before being discussed in mixed company and won in the public arena.’
    • ‘In mixed company, it's more noticeable that one person is being too dominant - whether that person is a man or a women.’
    • ‘Every time I'm in mixed company and a girl with dyed hair gets talking about her natural colour, the comment is always the same.’
    • ‘My mother always used to tell me that a lady never discusses such things in mixed company.’