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mixed grill

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  • A dish consisting of various items of grilled food, typically meats, tomatoes, and mushrooms.

    ‘We had a lovely night and the mixed grill and steak pie were lovely.’
    • ‘There are also as many different places to eat along the way, serving steaks, mixed grills, seafood and chips, as well as more authentic Dutch food.’
    • ‘The most popular form is the parrillada, a mixed grill of steak and other cuts.’
    • ‘The divine mixed grill of lamb and pork for two works out at about £10.’
    • ‘These are followed by 8 meat dishes which cover beef, pork, lamb, chicken and even a mixed grill.’
    • ‘Food is straightforward and unfussy, such as mixed grill, barbecued chicken and plenty of cod and trout.’
    • ‘Diners with a ‘larger appetite’ can tuck into a 20 oz leg of lamb, a 14 oz lamb shank, a massive mixed grill or a 16 oz haddock.’
    • ‘The mixed grill provided plenty to get stuck into.’
    • ‘Only the brave or truly starving would dare to take on a mixed grill, but the chicken, often wrapped in wafer thin ham, provides an excellent alternative.’
    • ‘He not only polished off his mega mixed grill but also cleaned the plates of his pool team colleagues - including one who weighs in at 18 stone!’
    • ‘Of course, I've had to ignore the fact that I don't see the point in posh nosh when a mixed grill or fry-up tastes better and costs less.’
    • ‘The mixed grill unusually came with chicken rather than lamb which was a bit dry but was reasonable for what we were paying and again there was plenty on the plate.’
    • ‘My mixed grill looked good and the chicken opposite was tasty, but as we sank glass after glass of water something started slowly to dawn on us.’
    • ‘My mother was piling her plate high with a greasy, fatty, fry-up of a mixed grill and tucking in with gusto.’
    • ‘We began our meal with the mixed grill starter which is one of the best I've ever had.’
    • ‘For the main course we tried Mashwi Mushakal, a kind of mixed grill with lamb sausages, and Shish Tawouk, marinated chicken on charcoal, which the waitress recommended as the best dish.’
    • ‘There are salads and then a page of Pub Favourites with baby back ribs, mixed grills and fish and chips amongst them all.’
    • ‘For the truly ravenous, the tandoor mixed grill has enough meaty sustenance to feed an army, with masses of chicken tandoor and tikka and piles of mutton reshmi and seekh kebabs.’
    • ‘There are also a couple of house specials, that night a mixed grill with potato and vegetables for 150 baht or a chicken Milanaise with French fries and vegetable for 145 baht.’
    • ‘The waiter warned me against it, as my mixed grill was apparently a hefty feed, but I waved away his objections.’


mixed grill

/ˈˌmiks(t) ˈɡril/ /ˈˌmɪks(t) ˈɡrɪl/