Definition of mixologist in English:



  • A person who is skilled at mixing cocktails and other drinks.

    • ‘A dedicated mixologist will teach cocktail lovers how to mix their favourite drinks and help them to shake their own cocktails.’
    • ‘Great atmosphere, good cocktails and very professional mixologists!’
    • ‘Even if they hire a mixologist to develop cocktails for them, they have to have the follow-through.’
    • ‘An ideal scenario would be where the drinker could go to a cocktail bar, where the mixologist would ask which flavour of whisky was preferred.’
    • ‘Barmen and mixologists love them: they are so useful in the constant striving to concoct a new cocktail and satisfy today's drinkers' insatiable thirst for something different.’
    • ‘Our bars have a serious shortage of mixologists: bartenders who can make, present and deliver a decent cocktail.’
    • ‘Before even attempting to develop new recipes, according to these mixologists, bartenders have to know how to mix a good drink in the first place.’
    • ‘You find bartenders who want to be mixologists, they will put just too much in a drink, not just too much of one flavor, but too many flavors.’
    • ‘Bartenders, or rather mixologists, are not hired from outside, but emerge from within the ranks.’
    • ‘Hell, I've even been periodically transformed from a barkeep into a mixologist.’
    • ‘How does one go from being a bartender to a mixologist to a bar chef?’
    • ‘After an hour or two, we went along to the Purple Bar and had cocktails made to order, (just tell the mixologist what you fancy and they will whip it up for you), which just got better and better.’
    • ‘Some operators can get promotion mileage from drink menus created by well-known mixologists.’
    • ‘A born mixologist, Fred found his drink of choice mixed well with a variety of unlikely beverages.’
    • ‘All mixologists are artists in their own right, but who better to understand the art of what's possible in a cocktail glass than an artist.’
    • ‘One of the World's greats definitely; great mixologists, amazing bar snacks, unassuming and attentive staff, all contribute to an excellent atmosphere.’
    • ‘Since it's really all about the glass, modern mixologists have solved the age-old problem in the simplest way possible - they put flavors in that wonderful glass.’
    • ‘Just as chefs take classic techniques and use new ingredients to create the cuisine of today, mixologists are also innovating.’
    • ‘Dashing mixologists behind the bar prepare classic concoctions to get you in the mood and you could just pop in here for a drink.’
    • ‘I know that not every operation has the resources to hire a master mixologist but they should, at the least, hire a head barman to develop beverage programs.’



/mikˈsäləjist/ /mɪkˈsɑlədʒɪst/