Definition of mkay in English:



(also mmkay)
informal mainly US
  • nonstandard spelling of OK, representing a (typically used at the end of a statement to invite agreement, approval, or confirmation)

    • ‘come back in a few hours, mkay?’
    • ‘just leave us some flowers by the door and we'll pick them up later, mmkay?’
    • ‘mkay, I think I needed that sleep’
    • ‘Let's talk fashion, not just style, mkay?’
    • ‘You know, we cannot support a 3rd party technology, mkay?’
    • ‘Mkay, moving on to more pressing matters of fashion and style!’
    • ‘Give it a rest, mkay?’
    • ‘We did receive an apology, so mmkay, fine.’
    • ‘Texas could be its own country, mmkay?’
    • ‘Texting while driving is bad, mmkay.’
    • ‘Mmkay, so I love red wine and hate this tummy roll I grew over the winter holidays.’
    • ‘Its time to direct some positive energy into the world, mkay?’
    • ‘Mmkay here it goes: Intriguing, insightful, heartfelt, inspiring, creative, mind-blowing, hmm ya I guess that's good on descriptors for now.’



/ˌmˈkā/ /ˌmˈkeɪ/