Definition of MMOG in English:



  • An online video game which can be played by a very large number of people simultaneously.

    ‘MMOGs on mobile can be tricky to get right.’
    • ‘One reason I still have a WoW account is it's one of the few decent MMOGs that have no F2P players.’
    • ‘MMOGs often deepen their lore and tell great stories within character interactions and quest designs; this one doesn't.’
    • ‘The graphics are getting dated, but it has a solid flight model, unique player vs. player gameplay, and sheer value that set it apart from other MMOGs.’
    • ‘What's the first action you do after logging into an MMOG you've been absent from for some time?’
    • ‘Every MMOG with any emphasis on worldbuilding and dictating a story should look to TSW and think "They done good."’
    • ‘I don't think any MMOG that has made it to market is a failure.’
    • ‘There are companies out there focusing solely on MMOG games and there is no reason why I can't adopt the same business model.’
    • ‘Whether they use a shard cluster or a grid, all MMOGs use multiple machines to distribute the game processing load.’
    • ‘I've worked on PC adventures games, console games, and MMOGs and enjoyed all of them.’


1990s from massively multiplayer online game.