Definition of MNC in English:



  • A multinational corporation or company.

    ‘MNCs are likely to bring employment practices characteristic of their home country to countries in which they have subsidiaries’
    • ‘Acquisitions will be another important driver in the evolution of the Indian MNC.’
    • ‘One implication is that continuing differences in national cultures constrain the ability of an MNC to diffuse practices across countries.’
    • ‘The huge talent pool, low cost and strong research infrastructure attract many MNC to set up R&D centres in India.’
    • ‘The important aspect of the MNC is that it retains a home base, with national regulation.’
    • ‘The technological expansion of MNCs also depends on the MNC's management of different proximities and distances.’
    • ‘The MNC then begins to pay those staff better, as it is still cheaper than building a new factory in New York.’
    • ‘This is no free market; the MNCs come armed with the big guns of national and international (IMF and World Bank) subsidies.’
    • ‘The nature of a country's educational and training institutions may also constrain the range of choices that management in an MNC face.’
    • ‘It benefits the MNC as well if they learn to avoid using sweatshop labour, and we, the consumers, reward them for that.’
    • ‘Suppose that shoes are produced in country X by a MNC with a branch in X and its home office in the United States.’


1970s abbreviation.