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mobile home

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  • A large trailer or transportable prefabricated structure that is situated in one particular place and used as a permanent living accommodation.

    ‘Campaigning residents have vowed to resist plans to convert a caravan park into a permanent base for mobile homes.’
    • ‘The mother's plan includes living in a mobile home in a trailer park with this man.’
    • ‘Caravans or mobile homes will not be permitted for use as permanent dwellings.’
    • ‘In California, huge mudslides destroyed seven trailers in a mobile home park.’
    • ‘The latest inquiry focused on planning applications for mobile homes and caravans refused by the council last year.’
    • ‘The family has set up two caravans and a mobile home, installed plumbing and toilet facilities and erected a fence around the field.’
    • ‘The blaze was so strong that it destroyed the mobile home and two caravans nearby.’
    • ‘And who is living in apartments versus houses, mobile homes or other structures?’
    • ‘The action took place in car parks, mobile homes, factories and basements.’
    • ‘Car holidays to Spain or France with accommodation in tents or mobile homes can be fun and good value.’
    • ‘They lived in a mobile home, a double-wide trailer right next to a construction site of their dream home.’
    • ‘In fact, we were hunkered down with some folks in a nearby mobile home park.’
    • ‘The boy, hand to his forehead to shield his eyes, scanned the mobile home park.’
    • ‘One of the last things that came in was the mobile home park you drove by.’
    • ‘She has been sleeping in the living area of the mobile home since February.’
    • ‘Decorating work is being carried out inside, with power for the lights run from a mobile home parked on the pub forecourt.’
    • ‘Ownership of the scheme is based on similar existing systems used by caravan and mobile home parks.’
    • ‘There are cases where you have a relatively young family in a three-bedroom terraced house, with one or two daughters living in mobile homes in the back garden.’
    • ‘Residents of high-rise apartments and mobile homes are at greatest risk, but the allergen is also present in all types of homes.’
    • ‘Since this wind was coming from the west we just evacuated people in mobile homes and substandard housing to go to shelters.’
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mobile home

/ˌmōb(ə)l ˈhōm/ /ˌmoʊb(ə)l ˈhoʊm/