Definition of mobile internet in English:

mobile internet

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  • The internet as accessed by means of a smartphone or other mobile device.

    ‘audio and visuals matter more than ever now, especially as more of the world gains access to stable high-speed mobile internet’
    • ‘he positioned the company as less of a wireless phone network and more of a mobile internet provider’
    • ‘It was among the best blogs I've seen on the mobile Internet.’
    • ‘International Data Corporation estimates there are more than 1.5 billion cell phone users, including 250 million mobile Internet users.’
    • ‘The company specialises in providing server-based technology to facilitate transactions over the mobile internet.’
    • ‘Siemens also is working with Chinese partners to develop a new standard for third-generation cellular service, aimed at the mobile Internet.’
    • ‘The firm develops the silicon chips that are the major brains of mobile internet products.’
    • ‘It's the tech sector's next big step toward mastering the mobile Internet.’
    • ‘Despite these problems, music over mobile Internet is a compelling proposition.’
    • ‘In fact, instead of energizing the mobile Internet, the new handsets may slow it down.’
    • ‘With the mobile internet, fear exists that a fraudster can literally pluck sensitive information out of the air.’
    • ‘All the technical capability that people talked about three years ago, such as always-on mobile internet, is now there.’
    • ‘The focus will be to enhance the security aspects required within a mobile internet server.’