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mobile phone

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  • A telephone with access to a cellular radio system so it can be used over a wide area, without a physical connection to a network.

    Also called cellular phone

    ‘Network reception for mobile phones varies depending on the area in which you are using the phone.’
    • ‘As for tracking systems that use mobile phones, what happens after a phone is switched off?’
    • ‘Soon the mobile phone network was disabled to allow emergency services a clear line.’
    • ‘Parents can even sign up to see where their children are, or at least where they left their mobile phones.’
    • ‘Kids these days have shunned bikes and action men in favour of mobile phones and games consoles.’
    • ‘Demand for mobile phones is soaring as handset sales chalked up yet another record.’
    • ‘There is, of course, a more mundane view of the mobile phone as a fashion accessory.’
    • ‘More than half of Brits now own a mobile phone, with one handset sold every two seconds.’
    • ‘The electricity had gone off, as had the phones and mobile phones did not work.’
    • ‘Many learned they had been made redundant through text messages on mobile phones.’
    • ‘This algorithm is used to encrypt the messages from the mobile phone to the base station.’
    • ‘People scrambled to find working pay phones or reach friends or family on mobile phones.’
    • ‘She knew her husband was involved as soon as he did not answer his mobile phone.’
    • ‘The company said the next phase of viruses would hit mobile phones and wireless platforms.’
    • ‘It has come a long way from the days of being a family business selling mobile phones and air time.’
    • ‘He was then asked about his two mobile phones and the numbers of those phones.’
    • ‘The alert can also be forwarded as a text message to those with mobile phones.’
    • ‘People want to use their mobile phones but they don't want phone masts near their homes.’
    • ‘We used our mobile phones to send our mum a text message to find out the address.’
    • ‘The service will send texts to and from mobile phones and between fixed line phones.’
    telephone, mobile phone, mobile, cell phone, car phone, radiotelephone, cordless phone, videophone, extension


mobile phone

/ˌmōb(ə)l ˈfōn/ /ˌmoʊb(ə)l ˈfoʊn/