Definition of mobile sculpture in English:

mobile sculpture


  • A sculpture with moving parts.

    ‘In the middle hangs a mobile sculpture that, due to its reflective, moving surfaces, reinforces the play of light, city, and sky with the facade.’
    • ‘Two mobile sculptures (Medusa and Bambu) on either side of the stage interpret these musical compositions.’
    • ‘When one is visiting our magnet school for the arts, the first thing one might notice is the ‘mobile sculptures’ airily suspended in each of the four outdoor stairwells.’
    • ‘There will be mobile sculptures, mandalas, earth shrines, drawing installations and stone carvings.’
    • ‘The dancers looked like mobile sculptures as they danced, emoted and twirled across the stage.’
    • ‘Three other sites will follow, along with a mobile sculpture, which will move around East Lancashire.’


mobile sculpture

/ˈmōbəl ˈˌskəlpCHər/ /ˈmoʊbəl ˈˌskəlptʃər/ /ˈmōˌbēl ˈˌskəlpCHər/ /ˈmoʊˌbil ˈˌskəlptʃər/