Definition of mobocracy in English:


nounplural noun mobocracies

  • Rule or domination by the masses.

    ‘the court will never permit mobocracy to overwhelm the law of the land’
    • ‘will mobocracies emerge to replace the old despots?’
    • ‘The mobocracy rules the biggest nation in the name of democracy.’
    • ‘The government has failed, police has failed, intelligence has failed and mobocracy is ruling the roost.’
    • ‘Sharp countered this, but others reacted by opposing the coming convention, saying it would promote mobocracy.’
    • ‘This is, after all, a democracy and not a mobocracy.’
    • ‘We have only the permission for that use and disposal, and then only so long as we dutifully serve the reigning mobocracy in the manner it deems desirable.’
    lawlessness, absence of government, nihilism, mobocracy, revolution, insurrection, riot, rebellion, mutiny, disorder, disorganization, misrule, chaos, tumult, turmoil, mayhem, pandemonium



/mäˈbäkrəsē/ /mɑˈbɑkrəsi/