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  • 1A soft leather slipper or shoe, strictly one without a separate heel, having the sole turned up on all sides and sewn to the upper in a simple gathered seam, in a style originating among North American Indians.

    ‘Soft or hard sole slippers, moccasins, slip-ons or mules - these are just a few of the appealing styles you can find.’
    • ‘I inhaled Indian myths, and I crept through the woods near our house, re-enacting these myths, and wishing, wishing, for a pair of soft leather moccasins.’
    • ‘She stepped forward, her soft leather moccasins making hardly a sound on the great white floor.’
    • ‘My soft leather moccasins made no noise as I crept along the path like a shadow.’
    • ‘She pulled on some soft leather moccasins and opened the door to her room very quietly.’
    • ‘Loafers and moccasins are both classic footwear choices, and can be found at various retailers in a number of finishes and styles.’
    • ‘To top it off, wear a light brown belt and light brown leather moccasins.’
    • ‘He crossed the carpet with a lightness and deliberation that drew my eyes to his feet, which were rather small, in soft black moccasins.’
    • ‘Like prickly pear thorns, needle grass penetrated moccasins and leather leggings and punctured the skin.’
    • ‘Behind a pillar, however, a man in fashionably cut jeans, leather moccasins and a hip yellow sweatshirt talks frustratedly into a mobile phone.’
    • ‘Instead, they stuff their moccasins with soft sedge grass to protect their feet against the cold and dampness.’
    • ‘They are full of flannel-lined blue jeans and rugby shirts and leather moccasins and argyle socks.’
    • ‘You can also find a similar pair of moccasins at a trendy men's shoe store near you.’
    • ‘If you want to go over the edge, wear sports shoes or slip-ons or moccasins on the feet.’
    • ‘If you can't afford a luxury limo to waft around in, you can at least press the pedals in the Rolls-Royce of driving shoes: the motor moccasin.’
    • ‘I heard her squeaky moccasin soles crossing the kitchen linoleum.’
    • ‘If you prefer loafers or moccasins, you'll also have a chance to prove your fashion sense this summer, but sandals are really where it's at.’
    • ‘Tall and slim, he has on a tan windbreaker over a plaid shirt with brown slacks, brown moccasins.’
    • ‘He said: ‘I am hoping to make her a really cool Native American wedding dress, with white moccasins and everything.’’
    • ‘The Navajo man kicked at the snake with his moccasin-clad feet, until it fell down the ravine in a series of coils.’
    mule, moccasin, house shoe
  • 2A venomous American pit viper.

    Genus Agkistrodon, family Viperidae: several species, in particular the water moccasin (see
    ) and the highland moccasin (see

    ‘However, the most common snake misidentification that occurs is between the Water Moccasin (Cottonmouth) and virtually any snake found in or near the water.’
    • ‘Water moccasins bask on land, or on logs and stumps near water surface.’



/ˈmäkəs(ə)n/ /ˈmɑkəs(ə)n/


Early 17th century from Virginia Algonquian mockasin. The word is also found in other indigenous languages of the Americas.