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  • 1A fine-quality coffee.

    as modifier ‘Kenyan, Colombian or mocha coffee’
    • ‘A whoosh of freshly ground mocha coffee hits the nose and then, once the wine hits your mouth, it's joined by black fruits, liquorice, spice and a spray of refreshing acidity.’
    • ‘The local coffee mocha (named after the town al-Mukha), became an important item in world trade.’
    • ‘Many grocery stores carry all kinds of ‘specialty coffees’ such as mint, mocha, or almond.’
    1. 1.1A drink or flavoring made with or in imitation of mocha, typically with chocolate added.
      ‘espresso kiosks serving mochas and cappuccinos’
      • ‘Not mention, I was horribly addicted to iced mochas and hot chocolates.’
      • ‘I drink café mochas at least four or five times a day.’
      • ‘Once people are used to going back to school and get back into more daily rituals, they will go back to lattes and mochas.’
      • ‘They can't do the lattes or mochas, what they have is a jar of instant coffee.’
      • ‘But despite the growing popularity of mochas and lattes, coffee farmers are increasingly going hungry as their plants die in the field.’
      • ‘I would love nothing more than to spend my days whipping up mochas and lattes with no responsibility other than making change.’
      • ‘Two largo mochas with whipped cream and chocolate sprinkles to go, please.’
      • ‘I could live off iced mochas any time of the year.’
      • ‘Wi-Fi laptops work quietly on tables while their owners sip their double mocha peppermint latte coffees and finish their sales reports.’
      • ‘A mocha coffee typically contains 350 calories and a large muffin has 500 calories, so be prepared to take at least a two-hour hike to walk off your breakfast.’
      • ‘He looked as if he wanted to say more, so I silenced myself, but he took his time by first blowing at the surface of his mocha coffee and taking a tentative sip.’
      • ‘Over the past few months I had learned that she wasn't a morning person until she had at least three cups of peppermint mocha coffee and a bowl of fruit.’
      • ‘Steph was sitting on the edge of her bed staring out the window with her usual cup of mocha coffee.’
      • ‘Her double mocha latte at the best coffee shop in New York, gone!’
      • ‘He doesn't want to be asked if he wants mocha chocalatta, he just wants a coffee and he wants it now.’
      • ‘Natalia set out for the nearest coffee stand and ordered herself a cup of hot mocha.’
      • ‘He ordered his usual mocha latte and grabbed his usual table.’
      • ‘She was contemplating whether or not she wanted to stop at the local coffee shop to get an iced mocha latte when she heard someone call out her name.’
      • ‘She walked out of the small shop with an iced mocha latte, just the smell of coffee awakening her completely.’
      • ‘I stood up even though I still half a cup of mocha left.’
    2. 1.2A dark brown color.
      ‘the eyeliner is available in soft mocha and soft charcoal’
      • ‘If you have brown eyes, stick with taupe, sable and mocha hues.’
      • ‘Then she realized that one of his eyes was deep mocha brown and the other was a bright sky blue, almost too blue.’
      • ‘A barbecued duck breast with roasted plums might have been enjoyable if it hadn't arrived mocha brown.’
      • ‘Her jeans were mocha brown and new denim, not faded a day.’
      • ‘Walking out to the train, I noticed that it sported a blue and white color scheme with black stripes unlike the usual forest green, cream, and mocha colors.’
      • ‘If you wore a chocolate brown hair color this past winter, you can easily step into this season's color palette with a soft mocha hue.’
      • ‘There's nothing more fabulous than a sheer mocha lip - it's a sexy natural pout that never goes out of style.’
      • ‘I made mental descriptions of each of them, from their lined eyes, mocha shades, leather skirts, tight jeans, any and everything.’
  • 2A soft kind of leather made from sheepskin.



/ˈmōkə/ /ˈmoʊkə/


Late 18th century named after Mocha, a port in Yemen on the Red Sea, from where the coffee and leather were first shipped.