Definition of Mochica in English:


Pronunciation /mōˈCHēkə/ /moʊˈtʃikə/


  • 1A member of the ancient Moche people of northern Peru.

    • ‘In early Peru, the Incas, the Mochica and the Chimu peoples - among others - occupied territories that were largely steep mountains and desert, both unsuited for the wheel.’
  • 2The language of the Mochica.


  • Relating to the Mochica or their language.

    ‘This tribal period ended around 1000 AD with the ascendence of the Chimu kingdom, which had grown out of the Mochica empire and spanned nearly 600 miles of coast from present-day Lima to Ecuador.’
    • ‘The Mochica state expanded through conquest, new territories being linked to the core area by a network of roads and paths.’
    • ‘It was a fake - a replica - of a genuine Mochica grave object and had been made by a fellow in Lima who is Peruvian by birth but Chinese in ancestry.’


Spanish, from the name of the Moche valley in northern Peru.