Definition of mock sun in English:

mock sun

Pronunciation /mäk sən/ /mɑk sən/


informal Astronomy
  • A parhelion.

    • ‘Haloes may be accompanied by a whole array of circumzenithal arcs and parhelion (mock suns).’
    • ‘It is only when the Sun is on the horizon that we get the mock suns exactly on the 22-degree halo.’
    • ‘If you see mock suns or the 22 degree halo around the sun always look directly overhead to the zenith.’
    • ‘You just might see a sun dog, or even a super-display of mock suns like those seen from Tuba City in 1926.’
    • ‘The changing rays and shifting mock suns may have arisen from sheets of falling ice crystals of different geometries..’