Definition of mock turtle soup in English:

mock turtle soup


  • Imitation turtle soup made from a calf's head.

    ‘Calf's head used to be, in England, a standard source of meat for mock turtle soup.’
    • ‘I had a delicious mock turtle soup at that place by the river.’
    • ‘Dating back about a century, mock turtle soup started with a calf's head, an element that was replaced decades ago by Worthmore with boneless beef.’
    • ‘The name for this new dish was obvious - mock turtle soup.’
    • ‘Ands until their abrupt closure late last year, the restaurant made a pretty good Cincinnati Chili and both real and mock turtle soups.’


mock turtle soup

/ˈˌmäk ˈtərdl ˈˌso͞op/ /ˈˌmɑk ˈtərdl ˈˌsup/