Definition of mocuck in English:



(also mocock)
North American
  • A container resembling a basket made from birchbark.

    ‘The birchbank was cut into a pattern, folded, and sewn together with spruce root so that items like the mococks could hold solids and, when coated, liquids too.’
    • ‘They brought this sugar in bark vessels, called ‘mococks,’ holding from thirty to fifty pounds each.’
    • ‘The journey was made in mackinaws, open boats with a schooner rig; and the sugar was carried in mococks, containers made of birch bark, each holding from twenty to thirty pounds.’
    • ‘The article is profusely eaten by all of every age, and a quantity is put up for sale in a species of boxes made from the white birch bark, which are called mococks or mokuk.’
    • ‘They were always giving us children little mococks [birchbark containers] of maple sugar.’





Late 18th century from Ojibwa makak.