Definition of moderate gale in English:

moderate gale


  • A wind of force 7 on the Beaufort scale (32–38 miles per hour, or 28–33 knots).

    ‘Sometimes we have had moderate gale straight from the bows, sometimes winds straight from the stern.’
    • ‘In squally weather or even in moderate gales, you have a broad range of choices to keep the boat under control.’
    • ‘The gradient between these two systems continued generating moderate gales with wind confirmed at 35-45 kts over a moderate area aimed northeast in the Tasman Sea.’
    • ‘The winds vary from a gentle breeze to a moderate gale and we continue to sail WSW, covering on average 4 leagues in each four-hour shift.’
    • ‘Much of the region is still under the influence of strong breezes or moderate gales, and the temperature is still falling, the bureau said.’


moderate gale

/ˈmädəˌrāt ɡāl/ /ˈmɑdəˌreɪt ɡeɪl/