Definition of modern dance in English:

modern dance


  • A free, expressive style of dancing started in the early 20th century as a reaction to classical ballet. In recent years it has included elements not usually associated with dance, such as speech and film.

    • ‘The main genres of choreographed dance are ballet, modern dance, and jazz dance.’
    • ‘Glen, I think, really started to wed the two different styles of classical ballet with modern dance.’
    • ‘Deborah expressed regrets about the stark separation of classical ballet and modern dance.’
    • ‘There is an increasingly fine line nowadays between some modern dance and classical ballet.’
    • ‘She was mainly taught folk dance, but modern dance was also incorporated to a small degree.’
    • ‘I heard about it later - from tap people, from ballet people, from modern dance people.’
    • ‘The string of treats came as a welcome throwback to the early days of modern dance when pieces were short and numerous.’
    • ‘His works have been performed internationally by major ballet and modern dance companies.’
    • ‘It is to be expected, since we don't share the same popularity as ballet or modern dance.’
    • ‘As in modern dance, each company expresses the particular interest and soul of its founder.’
    • ‘It was to be an incredibly exciting new company with classically based modern dance.’
    • ‘His dancing is a cross between break dancing and modern dance.’
    • ‘And our supremacy in dance is largely through one of its own disciplines, modern dance.’
    • ‘Once home, she formed a dance company and continued to explore modern dance.’
    • ‘Every style of dance will be catered for including hip-hop and modern dance.’
    • ‘It also helps to train in several techniques, such as jazz, ballet, tap, and modern dance.’
    • ‘Unlike ballet, which thrives on its past, modern dance wasn't supposed to have one.’
    • ‘They also take gymnastics, ballet, and modern dance classes twice a week each and a Latin class once a week.’
    • ‘Lately, poetry readings have been added to the mix, and contemporary classical and modern dance are soon to follow.’
    • ‘Accompanied by his older sisters, he studied ballet and modern dance starting in third grade.’


modern dance

/ˈˌmɑdərn ˈdæns/