Definition of modern dress in English:

modern dress


mass noun
  • Costumes for a theatrical production that are in a style from the period of performance rather than that of a play's setting or time of writing.

    ‘doing Shakespeare in modern dress is not an original idea’
    as modifier ‘this is a modern-dress production’
    • ‘This is an updated take on the first of the Wagner Ring operas, with characters wearing modern dress.’
    • ‘Staged in modern dress, stripping away the patriotic fervor, Hytner's direction of the play emphasized the human costs of war.’
    • ‘The first major use of modern dress for Shakespeare in the 20th century was in a production of Hamlet in 1920.’
    • ‘The device which distinguishes the play from other such accounts is the sure-handed transposition of biblical episodes to modern dress versions.’
    • ‘All they have done is put everyone in modern dress and keep the text the same.’
    • ‘This is a modern dress production.’
    • ‘It presents the tragedy in modern dress with a minimum of props and fuss.’
    • ‘The vibrant cast in modern dress hurl contemporary references, songs, slang and asides into Shakespeare's verse.’
    • ‘I found the impact more persuasive because the players wore modern dress.’
    • ‘His original productions were mainly modern dress, with small casts.’