Definition of modern jazz in English:

modern jazz

Pronunciation /ˈmädərn jaz/ /ˈmɑdərn dʒæz/


  • Jazz as developed in the 1940s and 1950s, especially bebop and the related music that followed it.

    ‘The author does take the position, and I believe rightly so, that classic bebop represents the beginning of modern jazz - a combo jazz, rather than swing or big band jazz.’
    • ‘Saxophonist Charlie Parker, who helped invent the modern jazz style of be-bop, was also one of jazz's first existential heroes - a famously self-destructive genius who died at age 34.’
    • ‘Playing concerts into his seventies, Goodman experimented with modern jazz and classical music; his later career, however, mostly celebrated his past.’
    • ‘Nudged comfortably between pure noise and modern jazz is arguably the most polarizing music in the West: free improvisation.’
    • ‘Rock'n'roll groups appeared on bills along with trad groups and pop singers - even some modern jazz made it into the charts.’
    • ‘Such influence is difficult to place in perspective even at this date, and it will be a formidable task for any compiler to deal with the subject of modern jazz music.’
    • ‘Pierre plays classical, modern jazz and the traditional musics of Europe and is regarded as one of the best acoustic guitarists in the world.’
    • ‘I would say this is a fusion of Scottish and Irish folk music and modern jazz.’
    • ‘The festival will again feature a range of traditional and modern jazz bands, soloists and a charity jazz ball.’
    • ‘Many modern jazz musicians are staunch traditionalists, more likely to parrot genteel sounds from the past than create new music imprinted with their own generational personality.’
    • ‘We also stock dancewear, everything from ballet through to modern jazz.’
    • ‘The modernists - the word was originally used to describe fans of modern jazz - came out of London in the very early 1960s to create a world that was conformist yet subversive.’
    • ‘While competing, she earned a degree in dance at Southern Connecticut State, and later on became one of the first to add modern jazz dance routines to gymnastics.’
    • ‘After some hand clapping, foot stomping and experiments with chanting, mixed together with a blend of modern jazz, rock and soul, they were ready to go public.’
    • ‘The musicians perform both standard and modern jazz tunes.’
    • ‘Although influenced by the many modern jazz styles, the group is firmly rooted in the Bop tradition, with a heavy emphasis on Swing.’
    • ‘The modern jazz and boogie exited her (it horrified everyone else in her family… but she was a rebel of sorts).’
    • ‘But really it's just a style of modern jazz combined with some street or ethnic.’
    • ‘Almost every modern jazz player has fallen under his spell.’
    • ‘I recognized her as I see her often before modern jazz's class start, that is after her ballroom class.’