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  • 1In an unassuming manner; without vanity or arrogance.

    ‘he modestly shrugged off the tributes from his manager’
    • ‘His Adoration of the Magi is modestly inscribed by "the son of Master Rodrigo."’
    • ‘He modestly does not draw attention to the fact that his own work has redrawn the geography of art.’
    • ‘Although she modestly ascribes a narrow focus to her study, this is belied by the breadth of the themes with which she engages.’
    • ‘The modern addition is modestly hidden behind the house and is elongated along its east-west axis to optimize passive solar performance.’
    • ‘He does not take center stage and overpower the content, yet modestly hovers in the background.’
    • ‘After getting the loudest cheer of the night, he smiled modestly.’
    • ‘He modestly points out that his future is in the hands of the party's current leader, but his CV and his populist style all point toward higher office.’
    • ‘Despite his powerful intellect, he always claimed modestly that he was not clever enough to be a cryptanalyst.’
    • ‘"These are just the influences I've had over my life," he says modestly.’
    • ‘He added, "It gives me great confidence that work is being done by young artists," clearly referring to the man who stood modestly next to him.’
  • 2To a relatively moderate or small degree.

    ‘sales and profits have grown modestly in recent years’
    • ‘Most of the projects were obviously not the kind of things feasible in a more modestly funded group show.’
    • ‘Farmers have indicated their intention to modestly cut back the biotech share of planted acreage.’
    • ‘Risk reduction through naive diversification improved only modestly compared with the case where all programs were considered.’
    • ‘The reproduction of modestly priced studio portraits was done for profit.’
    • ‘Even though current cash grain prices are only modestly higher than a year ago, the taller prices are slowing export sales.’
    • ‘By March 1, the date when the share price increases modestly, we have heard from about half of our membership.’
    • ‘Factoring out litigation settlements and other one-time gains and losses, feed earnings were down modestly from 2002.’
    • ‘Beliefs held by chairpersons concerning employer perceptions were that most of the attributes were modestly important.’
    • ‘As many facets of the automobile industry have recently declined or grown modestly over the past year, the sales of luxury cars have risen 5.5 percent.’
    • ‘Her husband is modestly wealthy from the oil business, but their marriage is a complete failure.’
    1. 2.1In a manner that is not elaborate or luxurious.
      ‘a modestly furnished apartment’
      • ‘he lived modestly in a small house’
      • ‘The city council asked the developer to mix 100 modestly sized units with the new commercial spaces.’
      • ‘Although as an adult she lived modestly, having money meant avoiding certain energy-draining compromises.’
      • ‘He said he had held on to the 160-acre farm originally settled by his German great-grandfather because he had resigned himself to living modestly.’
      • ‘Many of the old buildings surrounding the approaches to the bridge have been faithfully and modestly restored to what they looked like before the civil wars.’
      • ‘Look at how modestly he lives relative to his wealth.’
      • ‘It is a modestly decorated apartment of irregular shape, with a mezzanine designed for the use of service personnel on duty.’
      • ‘The device is described as a modestly architected machine with an emphasis on "real world" performance as opposed to benchmark performance.’
      • ‘I would probably have to move out here alone and live pretty modestly so that we could save up some money and pay down the debts back home.’
      • ‘Visitors can get a glimpse of the man whose life began modestly on a family farm and whose first job was as a bobbin boy in a cotton mill.’
      • ‘He works from an opulent Beverly Hills headquarters, whose inner sanctum was modestly designed to resemble the Oval Office.’
  • 3So as to avoid impropriety or indecency.

    ‘women are expected to dress modestly’
    • ‘he modestly covered his eyes’
    • ‘In later depictions, she is less modestly clothed.’
    • ‘They happily leave the kids with a babysitter who dresses slightly less modestly than the 2 a.m. dancers at Larry's Villa in Las Vegas.’
    • ‘The woman is dressed modestly in light brown.’
    • ‘She appears as a modestly clad woman carrying a palm of victory as she tramples on a figure with flaming hair to indicate her triumph.’
    • ‘In this miniature from the 1400s, Mary mounts steps to the altar, while behind her file Joseph with a walking stick and a modestly dressed woman with basket and candle.’
    • ‘In contrast to her, Martha is dressed more modestly in white, with her head completely covered so that only her face is showing.’
    • ‘A knitted shawl clung to her shoulders and covered her bosom modestly.’
    • ‘She was a quiet woman who wore modestly printed cotton dresses and followed a weekly routine of household chores.’
    • ‘Girls here dress modestly, and you should remain sensitive to local cultural issues.’
    • ‘A new convert, she confided that she was dressing more modestly because she was afraid the church wouldn't approve of her.’



/ˈmädəs(t)lē/ /ˈmɑdəs(t)li/