Definition of modiolus in English:


nounplural noun modioli/-ˌlī/ /-ˌlē/

  • The conical central axis of the cochlea of the ear.

    ‘Specifically, we find that the TM is more rigid toward the inner zones where the tissue attaches to the modiolus and generally softest in the neighborhood of the sensory hair cells.’
    • ‘The bulla was opened to expose the cochlea, the bony capsule was removed, and the apical turn of the organ of Corti was dissected from the modiolus.’
    • ‘The inferolateral boundaries extend downward and medially from the modioli to the mentolabial sulcus.’
    • ‘In my third torsion model, I augmented the wooden modiolus with a metal plate of the same circumference.’



/mōˈdīələs/ /moʊˈdaɪələs/


Early 18th century Latin, literally ‘nave of a wheel’.