Definition of modishly in English:


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often derogatory

See modish

‘Emotionally, he keeps the film in the same modishly cool gear, mirroring the 19-year-old's detachment to the consequences of blindly following a wanted felon.’
  • ‘When one arrives at the platform, attractive and modishly adorned stewardesses usher you to your berth.’
  • ‘Even the most puritanical, old-style theorist, or the most modishly self-conscious, context-seeking musicologist will be hugely entertained, as well as enlightened, by this book.’
  • ‘A bright orange backpack was slung ever so modishly across his shoulders and, when he turned around, I saw that he was wearing a black Nirvana T-shirt and neon pink Converse sneakers.’
  • ‘You are saying we cannot be modishly innovative.’



/ˈmōdəSHlē/ /ˈmoʊdəʃli/ /ˈmädəSHlē/ /ˈmɑdəʃli/