Definition of modiste in English:



  • A fashionable milliner or dressmaker.

    ‘It's the sort of city where a burglar, a banker, a taxi-driver, an academician, a modiste, and a pushcart vendor might all fetch up together in a corner banquette at the end of the night.’
    • ‘Then find me a competent man of affairs along with a modiste and a personal maid from one of the agencies.’
    • ‘Of course, I've been with my modiste - this year's hats are so bewitching!’
    • ‘Mocking her endeavors as author and modiste, the parody echoes the language common to nineteenth-century advertisement with the words ‘Publishers and ladies please take notice.’’
    • ‘Her title-page identifies her as ‘formerly a slave, but more recently modiste, and friend to Mrs. Abraham Lincoln,’ thus indicating a certain progression - from chattel, to employee, to friend.’



/mōˈdēst/ /moʊˈdist/


Early 19th century French, from mode ‘fashion’.