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  • 1Employing or involving a module or modules as the basis of design or construction.

    ‘modular housing units’
    • ‘Equipped with low level perch seats to discourage beggars and stray animals from cuddling down, the shelters employ modular construction for fast assembling.’
    • ‘In the course of doing this, it has transformed itself into one of Britain's leading experts on designing, costing, project managing and financing modular construction.’
    • ‘On this note, it might have been beneficial to include a few of the artist's recent modular, design-oriented constructions of wood and paint.’
    • ‘Despite the potential savings, modular construction remains on the periphery of mainstream housing.’
    • ‘Some assembly required: is modular construction an answer to the affordable housing problem?’
    • ‘The helicopter is of modular design and aluminium and composites construction.’
    • ‘After researching all aspects of the prefabricated housing business, they decided to focus on modular designs.’
    • ‘In the picture you can see one section of a modular design.’
    • ‘As another example, consider the design requirements of modular playground equipment.’
    • ‘The modular accommodation offered was designed to meet urgent needs, not to alleviate all the problems.’
    • ‘And modular construction, by being built in a factory with assembly-line workers, really helps partly solve the shortage of skilled labor.’
    • ‘The International Space Station requires far more specialized modular construction than any previous spacecraft.’
    • ‘The vehicle is of modular construction which allows it to be fully air transportable on an A400M aircraft.’
    • ‘Because of their modular construction these are easily replaced, enabling quick refurbishment and turn round.’
    • ‘At its sprawling embassy compound, reopened after thirteen years, modular housing units are being installed to accommodate its growing staff.’
    • ‘The machine is based on a series of modular units so that it can be set up to meet production requirements - and reconfigured to handle part changes.’
    • ‘To create your own custom run of cabinets, simply combine two or more modular cabinets in the appropriate sizes.’
    • ‘A series of modular pieces tends to create a more relaxed style, where function and form combine informally.’
    • ‘We have a triple-wide modular unit that we are going to build up on and put a deck on.’
    • ‘It is one of those new modular units where you only plug in the power cables you need to use.’
    1. 1.1Mathematics Relating to a modulus.
      ‘One of the main reasons for including an introduction to modular arithmetic is that the two most popular public key algorithms use modular exponentiation as their basic mathematical process.’
      • ‘These problems form the basis of a conjecture: every elliptic curve defined over the rational field is a factor of the Jacobian of a modular function field.’
      • ‘Complex multiplication and modular forms had been treated in the 19th century by Kronecker and Heinrich Weber, who discovered their link with class field theory.’
      • ‘Elliptic curves and modular forms are mathematically so different that mathematicians initially couldn't believe that the two are related.’
      • ‘The next logical step would be to investigate the tables corresponding to various operations in modular arithmetic.’
      • ‘Gauss in 1801 was to take Euler's work much further and gives a considerable amount of work on modular arithmetic which amounts to a fair amount of theory of abelian groups.’



/ˈmäjələr/ /ˈmɑdʒələr/


Early 19th century from modern Latin modularis, from Latin modulus (see modulus).