Definition of modulation in English:



mass noun
  • 1The exertion of a modifying or controlling influence on something.

    ‘endorphins in the body are responsible for the modulation of pain sensation’
  • 2Variation in the strength, tone, or pitch of one's voice.

    ‘excellent voice modulation’
    1. 2.1Alteration of the amplitude or frequency of an electromagnetic wave or other oscillation in accordance with the variations of a second signal.
      ‘modulation of the ray amplitude will result in sound being heard’
      ‘researchers observed the modulation of electrical conductance’
    2. 2.2Music A change from one key to another in a piece of music.
      ‘their bold approach to harmony and modulation’
      count noun ‘there is a beautiful modulation from B flat to G major’
    3. 2.3The process of changing from one form or condition into another.
      ‘the modulation from an oral to a written technology in ancient Greek civilization’
      count noun ‘great modulations of tempo’
      • ‘This involved layers of translucent pigment patiently applied on top of one another, creating the brilliant glow and delicate modulation of color.’
      • ‘After 1750, the modulation in her relationship with the king brought about a marked intensification of interest in the fabrication of her image.’
      • ‘This modulation of light contributed to the viewer's impression of both the pattern and the screenlike nature of the window.’
      • ‘These houses were investigating new forms of construction and modulation of materials.’
      • ‘The modulation from aggrieved femininity to fawning submissiveness in her wooing is masterfully handled.’
      • ‘The novel biochemical modulation by some foods and beverages is considered here.’
      • ‘Each of the references to the cattle-killing prophecy in his narrative seems a modulation of the other.’
      • ‘The honeybee colony has many life-critical operations requiring precise modulation from the decisions and actions of its constituents.’
      • ‘Most of those characteristics probably originated early in its evolutionary history, and without much subsequent adaptive modulation.’
      • ‘The poem's shift from memory of childhood to anticipation of death is nicely attended by the modulation from olfactory to auditory.’