Definition of modulator in English:



See modulate

‘The electroholographic system consists of a special-purpose computational chip and a high-resolution, reflective mode, liquid-crystal display panel as a spatial light modulator.’
  • ‘I often assign pitch bend as a modulator of pan position allowing me to slide sounds around in the stereo field.’
  • ‘Health shops are swamped with immune-boosters, but the remedy I want to recommend is a modulator.’
  • ‘He does not act the part of a neutral modulator or passive sounding board.’
  • ‘There is a class of pharmacopoeia know as selective oestrogen receptor modulators which you may have heard of as ‘anitioestrogens'.’



/ˈmäjəˌlādər/ /ˈmɑdʒəˌleɪdər/