Definition of modulo in English:



  • 1Mathematics
    (in number theory) with respect to or using a modulus of a specified number. Two numbers are congruent modulo a given number if they give the same remainder when divided by that number.

    ‘19 and 64 are congruent modulo 5’
    • ‘All that is left to determine is the case of linking numbers congruent to 0 modulo 4.’
    • ‘I mathematically proved that the repeated addition process is the same as looking at the number modulo 9, i.e. divide by 9 and look at the remainder.’
    • ‘In particular he examined the remainders of powers of a number modulo n.’
    • ‘He also made contributions on the uniform distribution of numbers modulo 1 which are fundamental in analytic number theory.’
    • ‘Each time you are ready to make a flip, you note the number that appears in the upper righthand corner, and calculate the successor of that number modulo 4.’
    1. 1.1as modifier Using moduli.
      ‘modulo operations’
      • ‘In the mass-conserving variation, modulo 3 arithmetic is more useful.’



/ˈmäjəˌlō/ /ˈmɑdʒəˌloʊ/


Late 19th century from Latin, ablative of modulus (see modulus).