Definition of moe in English:



(also moé)
  • (in the context of Japanese popular culture) the quality in a fictional female character of being youthfully innocent and vulnerable in an idealized way, perceived as eliciting feelings of affection or protectiveness.

    ‘I am an enthusiast of anime and have watched series where moe is a selling point’
    • ‘most moe characters are deliberately unrealistic teenage girls’
    • ‘He argues that moe is part of a broader love revolution.’
    • ‘He is an anthropologist who has studied moe and otaku culture in Japan for many years.’
    • ‘What kind of guys are into moe girls?’
    • ‘Moe characters in anime are easy to spot.’
    • ‘The moe reaction is a pure, almost brotherly emotional response.’
    • ‘Ever fallen a little bit in love with an anime character? That's "moe" you're feeling!’
    • ‘If it makes you want to hug it, it's probably moe.’
    • ‘Especially moe are her overlong sleeves and socks that are always falling down her skinny legs.’
    • ‘Moe is the cutest when it's hidden!’
    • ‘Her many sisters are equally as moe as she is.’
    • ‘If I wanted real life I wouldn’t be watching moe anime. ’



/ˈmōˌā/ /ˈmoʊˌeɪ/