Definition of moeritherium in English:


nounplural noun moeritheria/-rēə/

  • A medium-sized mammal of the late Eocene and Oligocene epochs with a long snout and short legs, related to modern elephants.

    Moeritherium trigodon

    ‘Not much bigger than moeritherium, phiomia did have the beginnings of a trunk and tusks on its lower jaw.’
    • ‘The moeritherium belonged to the Eocene period, and was the ancestor of the elephant, an animal whose grotesque features were rendered commonplace only by familiarity.’



/ˌmirəˈTHirēəm/ /ˌmɪrəˈθɪriəm/


Modern Latin, from the name of Lake Moeris in Egypt, where the first fossils were found, + Greek thērion ‘wild beast’.