Definition of mofette in English:



archaic term for fumarole
‘The town is famous for its carbonated baths, mofettes, heart clinic with 700 beds and sanatoriums.’
  • ‘After a treatment in the mofettes the health of ill people is improving, the joint inflammations are reduced.’
  • ‘There are fumaroles, mofettes and geothermal warm springs surrounded by plumes of white vapour.’
  • ‘Tusnad, north of Brasov, by a calm and picturesque lake, is important for bicarbonated and gaseous mineral waters and mofettes for treating cardio-vascular diseases.’
  • ‘The verdict was reached after scientists undertook studies of rising gases in the mofettes and mineral springs in the area.’



/mōˈfet/ /moʊˈfɛt/


Late 18th century from French, from Neapolitan Italian mofetta.