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nounplural noun moggies

(also moggy)
informal British
  • A cat, especially one that does not have a pedigree or is otherwise unremarkable.

    • ‘I have three other cats (two moggies and one Bengal/Tonkinese cross)’
    • ‘Boots the marmalade moggie got his marching orders from the Rose And Crown when he popped in for a beer.’
    • ‘True, Leroy is more of a small leopard than a domestic moggy, but surely these three moggies could outflank him and make him overextend his supply chain or something.’
    • ‘The little moggy, who is believed to be between two or three years old was found in the Parks area by a RSPCA collection officer.’
    • ‘The moggy looked up at me gratefully - well, in so far as cats ever look grateful for anything - and there, hanging from its collar, was the fourth ring.’
    • ‘The owner scooted over from doing his genial rounds of the table and scooped up the hapless moggy, depositing him safely but unceremoniously on the street outside.’
    • ‘She quickly alerted the North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service, which used air bags to elevate the vehicle in order to pull out the stricken moggy.’
    • ‘But the moggy could soon be purring with pleasure if it wins the final of the ultimate survivor category of the Rescue Cat of the Year Award.’
    • ‘He indicates the tough-looking moggy lying on his study floor.’
    • ‘The worried animal-lover contacted the RSPCA hoping it would be able to send an officer to help capture the rogue moggy.’
    • ‘It was a clean sweep in the luck stakes for an adventurous moggy who survived getting stuck in a chimney - for four weeks’
    • ‘The RSPCA officer cut the soggy moggy free from a bramble bush after she was found by workmen in the area.’
    • ‘But the adventurous moggy did not want to come down, and proceeded to play a game of cat and mouse with its pursuer.’
    • ‘Hoping to reunite the poor moggy with its owners the Croydon Guardian ran a story of his plight in last week's edition.’
    • ‘Then on New Year's Eve she picked up the Evening News and was stunned to see a moggy she is sure is Jazzy making the headlines.’
    • ‘After three months of much-needed TLC, Monty the moggy is on the prowl for a new home.’
    • ‘Back in the studio the tower is edited out so that the moggy is seen to effortlessly make the daring rooftop leap.’
    • ‘They were too big to be from an ordinary moggy and there were marks from the animal's claws.’
    • ‘He absolutely loved his moggies and he was one of the only people in the UK to successfully breed piranhas.’
    • ‘Just as eight out of ten cats may prefer a particular brand of cat food, you will never know whether your moggy is going to be the one that is going to balk at the sight of it.’
    • ‘The mischievous moggy has been bringing home the wool from an unknown source for the past six months.’



/ˈmäɡē/ /ˈmɑɡi/


Mid 17th century variant of Maggie, pet form of the given name Margaret.