Definition of Mogollon in English:


Pronunciation /məʊɡəˈjəʊn/


  • 1A member of a North and Central American Indian people, formerly living in western New Mexico.

    The Mogollon eventually became a component band of the Chiricahua Apache.

  • 2Archaeology
    A culture of south-western New Mexico and south-eastern Arizona which flourished 100 b.c. – a.d. 1400. Usually with the.


  • 1Of or relating to the Apache Mogollons.

  • 2Archaeology
    Of or relating to the Mogollon.


Mid 19th century. From the names of the MogollonRim, Arizona, and the MogollonMountains, New Mexico, both from the name of Juan Ignacio Flores Mogollón, governor of New Mexico 1712–15.